Join me for a Self Love Extravaganza and raise money to support the BEAT Eating Disorders charity

I’m Clair. And I’m on a mission to get more women to declare that they 'Love Themselves First' this February and help raise funds for the UK Charity ‘BEAT Eating Disorders’.

I help women create a relationship with food and themselves that they love, so that they can lose their weight for the last time and get on with living the life they were meant for. I know first-hand how life changing this can be having lost 6-stone, 4 years ago.


I want as many women as possible to act in recognising all the things they love about themselves AND DECLARE THEM OUT LOUD.

As an overweight woman I spent decades wanting to lose weight so that I could feel better about myself.  And I had it the wrong way around and so many other women do too.

When you love yourself first, when you appreciate and accept yourself as you are, no matter your clothes size or number on the scale, it becomes easier to eat more healthily. You want to take care of your body by eating nourishing food, food that will give your body what it needs and help you to lose weight to be healthy too, if that’s what you want.

I also want everyone to know that ‘loving themselves first’ is the opposite of selfish. Loving yourself first enables you to, as Katie Reed said, ‘give the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you’.

So, join me! And proudly declare ‘I Love Myself First!’.

C x 💖

How does it work?

Take a photo of you that demonstrates your belief in loving yourself first

Tag @clairmackenzieuk Instagram or @thebestyoucoach on Facebook

Share on your instagram or facebook

I will make a donation to BEAT Eating Disorders on your behalf

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Love Yourself First! Events

11th Feb Daily Show Interview with Andrew Pierce

I will post link to the show here when it's live!

12th Feb @ 12 noon all things loving yourself first with Chocolate PR


7 pm 25th Feb Self Love Workshop for all


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