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12-month small group coaching program with everything you need to lose weight permanently

An amazing journey creating the relationship with food, yourself and your life, that you'll love.

The Mastermind (small group) difference...

Like The Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy, the Mastermind is based on the comprehensive B.A.L.A.N.C.E Pathway.

The difference with the Mastermind is that you have tonnes of support and accountability for when when things aren't going to plan, or when life gets in the way. You'll have the opportunity for person written coaching weekly, and personal coaching, on a small group Zoom call (with a maximum of 8) twice a month. 

Whilst you still have to apply what you learn to your life yourself, Clair will be doing everything to make your life changing transformation enjoyable and inevitable. 



What previous Masterminders have said...

"If you feel that you want to take charge of your own destiny with your eating and weight loss, then go for it. This group is a very supportive environment that encourages you and guides you through the process of finding a way of eating that works for you. Accountability for me is key and knowing that I’m checking in each week with my progress and my thoughts is enormously motivating when undertaking a long-term goal like weight loss."

Mastermind Client

"Joining the program has enabled me to create a way of eating that suits my life and lose weight. I am confident that with the continued support from Clair I can lose the weight and keep it off for life, something that I have never believed was possible."

Mastermind Client

"I would encourage anyone contemplating this programme to take the step forward and come on board. There is everything you need to get on the right path towards healthy eating."

Mastermind Client

The results you can expect...

Everyone has different results. But if you show up for yourself 100% you can expect life changing transformation.

Expect to...

  • Lose a substantial amount of weight
    How much weight you lose will depend on many factors. The mastermind is not for you if you want to lose weight as fast as possible. There diets that will give you faster weight loss. The Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind is for you if you want to lose your weight for life. The mastermind will empower you to lose the weight and maintain it in a way that works for you. It's designed so that you lose more weight more weeks and months than others. Some weeks you will be losing weight and other weeks you will be learning lots. It's the learning that's the most important part for ensuring life long change.
  • Learn how to confidently ‘eat right for you’, with the right balance between eating for nourishment and eating for pleasure, for you!
  • Feel the relief of knowing you have developed the mindset, decision making capability, and emotional skills to manage your weight for life.
  • Eliminate conflict over food choices or be drained by food brain chatter.
  • Replace shame, judgement, self-loathing, and/or frustration about your weight and previous diet failures with self-love, confidence, and inner peace, as you learn to accept and love yourself exactly as you are.
  • See amazing changes in other areas of your life too. Participants have used the program to: help them get promoted at work; improve their relationships; and achieve other life goals.
  • Improve your current and future physical health with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, aches and pains, cancer, hormone imbalance and more.
  • Improve emotional well-being and equip yourself with the skills for mental wellness management
  • Free yourself from a diet mindset and yo-yoing between restriction and overindulgence.
  • Feel amazing, feel like ‘yourself’ again or even better than you ever have.
  • Have more confidence, enjoy socialising with friends more, and enjoy shopping for clothes in a different size.
  • Have a sense of pride and achievement, as well as relief, from knowing that YOU DID IT!

You get access to the complete Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy for 12-months, plus...

Twice monthly live personal coaching on Zoom within your small group

Four BONUS 30-minute private coaching sessions

Daily support in your small group Facebook community

Feedback and support with creating & updating your Food Framework

Mastermind Investment Options

Choose between 12 monthly payments to spread the cost or save with a one off payment.



per month for 12 months

Twice monthly small group coaching (max of 8)

Four 30-minute private coaching calls

Food plan review and feedback

Private Small Group Facebook Community Support

12-months access to everything in the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy





One time payment

Twice monthly small group coaching (max of 8)

Four 30-minute private coaching calls

Food plan review and feedback

Private Small Group Facebook Community Support

12-months access to everything in the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy



Is the Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind for you?

The Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind is for you if...

  • You're ready to do the work to create and amazing relationship with food, yourself and your life, so that you can lose weight permanently.
  • You want help from Clair to hold yourself accountable.
  • You want to share the highs and lows of your journey with a small group of like minded women. 
  • You understand that changing your relationship with food is about far more than just what to eat.
  • You've got a genuine interest in personal development and want to live your best life.
  • You want to learn how to make yourself a priority alongside showing up as the person you want to be in your work and home life.


The Lose Weight. Live Life. coaching programs are not for you if...

  • You want to lose weight fast on a temporary diet.
  • You're not prepared to explore new concepts that will blow your mind.
  • You want to be told exactly what to eat.


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Spaces on programs are reserved on a first come first served application basis. Once offered a place your spot will be held for 48 hours whilst you make your payment. If you don't wish to take up your slot it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Your month-by-month journey through The B.A.L.A.N.C.E Pathway

Months one through four, focus on everything you need to create a relationship with food that you love.

Month 1 - Eating right for you, Hunger and Hormones

You start by figuring out, 'how to eat right for you' to lose weight. You get help and support creating your Food Framework which is the foundation for how you want to eat most of the time. You will learn how to balance eating for nourishment with eating for pleasure, in a way that works for you. You'll discover all about different types of hunger and how to easily make food decisions that serve you. And you'll learn how your hormones are impacting your weight so that you can get your body working for you, instead of against you, as you move forward on your weight loss journey.

Month 2 - De-conditioning your Desire for Food

You continue looking at those pesky hormones. You learn how to make changes to your food framework to maximise weight loss and enhance well being. You look in detail at what's going on when you want to eat to feel better in the moment. You learn how to de-condition your over desire for foods, and what to do when you have food cravings, or feel compelled to eat things that you don't want. You also learn strategies to help you when you want to eat for comfort and joy.

Month 3 - Emotional Eating

By now most of you will have had some obstacles come up that make eating how you want to eat for life more difficult. Which is exactly what we want, so you learn how to carry on eating how you want, even when you're faced with stressful or time consuming situations that may have made it more difficult for you in the past. So this month we dive deep into emotional eating in challenging situations and look at helping you make some mindset shifts. We revisit your commitment and your reasons why your long term emotional and physical well being are important to you. By now you're starting to live as the person who has the relationship with food that you desire.

Month 4 - Food Beliefs

This month you will uncover any remaining food beliefs that aren't helping you. You look at your upbringing and how you feel about wasting food. You also learn how to feel better by creating emotions that are useful to you.


And then...

Months five through eight: you continue to focus on your relationship with food and losing weight, and you start to delve into your relationship with yourself. Very few of us love and appreciate our bodies. Very few of us have high levels of confidence and self-appreciation. If you have a negative relationship with yourself, or others, chances are it will be affecting how you're eating.


Month 5 - Body Image

This month you look at your body image mindset and learn how to appreciate your body for everything that it does for you, even if you're used to hating on your body. You'll learn how to overcome years of conditioning about what beautiful is and isn't. And you'll uncover your default thinking about yourself so that you can start to finally believe that you are the person you want to be. 

Month 6 - Stories from your Past and Future

You're going to learn how to break free from past experiences impacting you today. You're going to discover that you get to decide what you make any past events mean about you today. You're also going to look ahead to your future. You're going to see what's different in your future, You're going to decide how you evolve in the future today. And then you're going to use your future wisdom here in the present of right now.

Month 7 - Self-Confidence

Why is it that we wish we felt more self-confidence in more areas of our life, or more of the time? Self-confidence feels good and is an attractive quality to have. And the good news is that it's something you get to create for yourself. This month you'll learn exactly how to do that. 

Month 8 - Your Relationships with Others

You will be encouraged to focus on two relationships in your life that you would like to be better. They can be your relationships with your partner, children, colleagues or boss, friends or other family members. By the end of the month your relationship with them will be much better without you needing them to change in anyway. This work is amazing!




Months nine through twelve: the last four months, in addition to the continued focus on losing, or for some of you by now maintaining, your weight, you will focus on how you can love your life even more than you already do.


Month 9 - Manage Time Better

Time is one of the most valuable assets that we have. It’s the one thing we literally can’t get more of. But there is a way to manage it so you can have more of what you want in your life. And that's exactly what you will learn to do this month.

Month 10 - Organise your Life Better

What's the saying, 'Tidy House. Tidy Mind'? This month we look at how you can quickly and simply organise your home, your car, your office and your inbox to create create a life with more calm and contentment and less overwhelm and anxiety.

Month 11 - Living your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered if you're living the life you were meant for? It's all to easy to chase the next thing you believe will give you what you want in life, only to find that you feel the same as you always have once you get it. How do you even know what your purpose is? This month you get to answer those questions and many more as Clair shows you how to be intentional about living the life you want.

Month 12 - Your Next Goal

You finish off the mastermind with choosing your next life goal and putting the strategy and plan in place to set you up for success. This could be a work project, house project,  a charity initiative or maybe finally taking up that new hobby. Whatever you choose you will have a plan for doing just that, with strategies to overcome the obstacles you anticipate, by the end of this month.


"Still very happy 12.9kg loss since 28 Sept. If I count the changes I made from when I joined the free Facebook group on 17th Sept then I’ve lost 15.6 kg. A pound off 2.5 stone in old money. I had to go into work yesterday so I saw someone I haven’t worked with for a while. She couldn’t believe the change. It’s made me excited to come out of lockdown and see people again."

Mastermind Client

"I can't remember ever achieving a weight loss goal that I have set myself before, so that is another win. Life & Weight Coach - Clair MacKenzie popped up in my Facebook group in March, and since joining the Academy 18th May I have lost 2st 3lbs, but more valuable has been the learning about when and why I overeat, and skills that I can use in other areas of my life, and is setting me up to keep the weight off for life. Still got a bit to go, and looking forward to continuing my weight loss cruise. ⛴ Have a great weekend xx"

Mastermind Client

"I joined the Mastermind group in September 2020. At this point I realised that I needed more support from Clair, to help me understand the thoughts and emotions behind my overeating, and how to change them to help me with my weight loss. Since 18th May I have lost 1.5 stones. On average, 3 pounds a month. This is more that I lost over 12 years. I still want to lose 2 stone to reach my healthy BMI. Following Clair's program, I have discovered lots of reasons why I overeat, ranging from habit, fear of missing out, not wanting to offend, rewarding myself, or just eating to dull my emotions. This weight loss journey has been a journey of self-discovery. I have learned so much more about myself. I now have a food plan that I am comfortable with, that will help me lose weight and I know I can follow for life. I now know what I need to do to lose weight and believe that it is possible to get to my goal weight and stay there for life. I am so glad that Lose Weight, Live Life came up in my Facebook feed, all those months ago, and I met Clair. Clair is inspirational, insightful, understanding, and able to guide you in your weight loss journey, no matter which program you select. "

Mastermind Client

The B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Pathway


B.e curious as you meet yourself where you are

Before you embark on your journey you're going to want to take stock of everything you've learned that got you to where you are. Understanding why it's  difficult for you to lose weight and how you use food to feel better, will set you up for the transformation you're looking for.


A.ddress how to eat right for you

Use Clair's proven step-by-step food framework process to help you create a way of eating that nourishes and fuels you so that you can lose weight in a way that feels like self-love.

Your body has an innate wisdom, far better than any book, to know what the right way for you to eat. You know your likes and dislikes; you know which foods leave you bloated, and which leave you energised. You know how you do or don't want to be cooking or meal prepping. You’re going to create an eating framework that is right for you, and then you’re going to learn how to evaluate it and tweak it, to keep you moving forwards towards your weight loss goals. You'll learn how to balance eating for nourishment and nutrition with eating for pleasure and comfort. 


L.earn to hack your brain

How many times a day do you think about food and eating? What to plan, what to put on the shopping list, what to buy, what to prepare, what to eat! Each time you make a food decision, you are weighing up what you want in the moment for pleasure, vs. what you want in the long term for your wellbeing. When you're constantly conflicted it can be exhausting. Well not anymore because you’re going to learn how to hack your brain, so that you can easily make food decisions that serve you, without conflict and deprivation.


A.lign your thoughts to serve you

Your thoughts about food, eating, your weight and your previous weight loss experiences are your relationship with food. You won’t be aware of some of your thinking because you’ve repeated your thought patterns so many thousands of times, they have become your truth, your reality. It's time to get curious about your thoughts and beliefs that are the foundation of your relationship with food and yourself, so that you can shift and tweak them, and create a whole new mindset that’s going to propel you towards food freedom without overeating.


N.urture your emotions

Have you ever thought about how much you eat for fuel and nourishment vs. for pleasure, for comfort or to just avoid feeling altogether? We humans are incredibly poor at understanding our feelings to the extent where we use overeating, over drinking, over shopping, over Netflix watching, and more, to avoid them. It's time to nurture your emotions and get them working for you and not against you.


C.elebrate yourself for who you are now

It’s human to be self-critical, to not think you’re ‘good enough’, to hold yourself back or wish you were different. But that doesn’t mean that you need to do it. It's time to learn to love yourself and your body unconditionally.


E.mbody living a life you love

Sometimes we get caught up using food to make life better but you don't need to do that when you equip yourself with an array of powerful life coaching tools. This isn't about changing your life, although you can of course make changes if you want to, it's about making your life one that you love.


The Weight Loss Whisperer - Clair Mackenzie

Certified Life and Weight Loss Mindset Coach, ‘The Weight Loss Whisperer’ Clair Mackenzie empowers women to create a relationship with food and themselves that they love, so they can lose their weight for the last time and get on with living the life they were meant for.

The supportive shoulder, the educated big sister, Clair empowers female professionals & entrepreneurs to love themselves first. She combines extensive years of experience and coaching qualifications with her own weight loss and personal development journey. Clair lost her weight for the last time after adopting a food mindset designed for the world in which we live today. Clair’s on a mission to ‘pass it on’ and create a ripple effect across the wider female population within the UK, so others can learn sustainable skills for life, rather than stressfully bouncing from depriving diet to another.

Clair’s on a mission to significantly improve the physical and mental health of successful career and businesswomen who state they are unhappy with their weight, empowering them to create a positive relationship with food and themselves so they can ditch the yo-yo diet, self-sabotaging beliefs that hold them back, and move forward with stronger self-worth.

Clair is vocal about everything that's wrong with turning to dieting as the solution within the diet industry, the food industry and outdated approaches to losing weight.

Clair encourages women to adopt seven key life skills as a part of their weight loss journey, which she is passionate about making an enjoyable and life transforming experience. Clair wants women to embrace and not endure their weight loss journey. She wants women to  see it as more luxury cruise than long haul flight. 

Her signature B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Pathway provides the opportunity for an exciting journey of self-discovery and adoption of life skills that will help women transform their emotional and physical well-being.

Before following her passion to help women lose weight and transform their lives, Clair worked for a global blue-chip organisation in various marketing and consulting roles.

Clair is host of the top ranking Lose Weight. Live Life. podcast. She has been featured on the BBC, Woman & Home, Wellbeing News, Entirely Health and Thrive Global.

Clair is certified in Life & Weight Loss Coaching with The Life Coach School and Health & Life Coaching with The Health Coach Institute. She is a causal coaching specialist, with experience in NLP, Positive Intelligence and DISC Profiling.

Clair lives in rural Warwickshire with her husband, teenage children, and dogs.


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