6-month Weight Loss Mastermind

Lose weight for the last time whilst you create a relationship with food and yourself that you love

If you’re a woman over 40 who is struggling to lose weight, then chances are you already know that you need to do something different. 

Whether you’ve lost and regained the same pounds over and over; or you're wanting to lose weight for the first time, you will likely know it's not just about knowing what to eat.

Often we know what we should, and should not eat to lose weight, we just don’t do it. And the reason is, because our brains and bodies have evolved to seek out and consume food, especially tasty food. We’re programmed to eat food for survival and our brain thinks that the tastier the food is, the more important it must be.

The 3 reasons why most people never find food freedom

Reason #1

They don’t believe anything will work because they’ve tried and failed so many times

Looking to your past for evidence that you can do something new or different will keep you stuck and unable to move forward
Sometimes you have to be willing to take a leap of faith

Reason #2

They don’t think they have the time, or that it won’t work in their life because they have to feed a family, or they travel with work lots, or some other reason

These circumstances have no bearing on the work that you can do to learn how to manage your body, brain and emotions, to discover how to eat right for you

Reason #3 

They try to use will power to resist eating, and then give in and start to blame themselves, or think that there’s something wrong with them

You can’t hate yourself thin and have freedom around food. You need to have love and compassion for yourself always

The Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind with Clair MacKenzie

The complete program that will empower you to create a relationship with food and yourself that you love

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned from my own weight loss journey, The Life Coach School Weight and Life Coaching programs and the Health Coach Institute health coach program, to create this amazing 6-month program that will give you all the tools you need to lose weight and find total freedom around food.

LOSE WEIGHT. LIVE LIFE. is not another diet, it’s a complete program that teaches you how to change your relationship with food and eating, for permanent weight loss, whilst living your best life.

Not only will you learn the strategies behind everything that you do, but more importantly you’ll have complete, step-by-step guidance for how to apply what you learn to your life with the best coaching support.

A transformational end result and an incredibly life changing experience!

Here's what's covered inside the mastermind

Discover how to eat right for you

You will use my proven step-by-step process to help you create a way of eating that nourishes and fuels you, and enables you to lose your excess weight in a way that feels like self-love.

Your body has an innate wisdom, far better than any book, to know what the right way is for

YOU to be eating. You know your likes and dislikes; you know which foods leave you bloated, and which leave you energised. You know how you do OR DON’T want to be cooking or meal prepping. You’re going to create an eating framework that is right for you, and  you’re going to learn how to evaluate it and tweak it, to keep you moving forwards towards your weight loss goals. 

Becoming boss of your brain

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you think about food and eating? What to plan, what to put on the shopping list, what to buy, what to prepare, what to eat! Each time you make a food decision, you are weighing up what you want in the moment, vs. what you want in the long term. You may feel conflicted and it can be exhausting.

Well not anymore because you’re going to learn how to become boss of your brain so that you can easily make food decisions that serve you without feeling conflicted or deprived.

Managing your mind

Your thoughts about food, eating, your weight and your previous weight loss experiences impact on your current relationship with food. And you won’t be aware of some of your thinking because you’ve repeated your thought patterns so many thousands of times, they have become your truth, your reality. You’ll uncover your thoughts and beliefs about your relationship with food and yourself, so that you can shift and tweak them, and create a whole new mindset that’s going to propel you towards food freedom without overeating.

Enabling your emotions

Have you ever thought about how much you eat for fuel and nourishment and how much you eat for pleasure, for comfort or to just avoid feeling altogether? We humans are incredibly poor at understanding our feelings to the extent where we use overeating, over drinking, over shopping, over Netflix watching, and more, to avoid feeling our emotions. That stops when you join the 6-month Mastermind because you’ll finally know exactly what to do when you want to eat because you’re bored, mad, lonely, angry, anxious, or frustrated.

How to love yourself unconditionally

It’s human nature to be self-critical, to not think that you’re ‘good enough’, to hold yourself back or wish you were different. But that doesn’t mean that  you must do it. I’m going to help you learn to love yourself and your body 100% unconditionally.

How to live your best life

Sometimes we get caught up using food to make life better. I’m going to help you create a life you love without using food to treat yourself, comfort yourself, or be the thing you’re looking forward to after a hard day at work.

What you can expect month-by-month


The Mastermind Facebook group and access to the getting started materials will be available from January 4th. The welcome party will take place @ 7 pm on Sunday 24th January. And the first coaching session will be @ 7 pm on Wednesday 27th January. In January we will get started with helping you create your food framework and deciding how you want to eat for life.



You’ll start February by learning how to easily make food decisions that serve you. Next, you’ll learn how weight loss challenges hold the key to permanent success. You’ll also learn all about the impact of refined sugar and carbohydrates on your dietary hormones and how balancing these hormones will help you lose weight. And you’ll find out how to use the reason you want to lose weight to help you stay committed.



In March you’ll learn lots of tools to help you not overeat in social situations, when you eat for pleasure, or when life throws some challenges your way. You’ll also spend time learning about the desire to eat and food cravings, and how you learn to manage them so that they don’t trip you up. You’ll also learn the amazing Mindset model and you’ll learn the importance of feelings and how you can stop buffering and use them to help you get more of want you want in life.



During April you’ll focus on how to incorporate eating for pleasure and exception plans into your life without seeing a gain on the scales. We'll also look at goal setting.



This month we look at how to improve your relationship with yourself. You’ll tackle any body image or ‘not good enough’ demons and learn how to take charge of that inner mean girl. Then you’ll finish the month exploring your thoughts about your past and how they impact you today.



You’ll start June by painting a vision of the future you want to create. And then you’ll explore the manual you have for yourself and look at what to do if you have perfectionist tendencies. And then the second part of the month you’re going to have lots of fun exploring ways you can improve your confidence.



In the last month you will explore your beliefs around your relationship with food, yourself, and your life – and shift limiting ones to empowering ones. You’ll also look at how to create time for you. And I’ll teach you some amazing life coaching tools to help you in any relationship, family, home, or work that would benefit from a little TLC. Then you’ll finish with a celebration Zoom party.

The finer details

Weekly check in and coaching

Wednesday @ 7pm

Everyone will be invited to share how they are getting on and get coaching help

Replays available for those you cannot make it live

Skills Labs

Teaching sessions with accompanying worksheets for you to watch and complete in your own time

These will be weekly (except for the two weeks over Christmas)

Food framework reviews

You will be invited to submit your food framework fortnightly for review and feedback

Private facebook community

For collaboration, support and fun


six monthly payments

Weekly check in

Weekly coaching

Fortnightly review of your food framework

24 teaching trainings with worksheets

Private Facebook community



save £165

Weekly check in

Weekly coaching

Fortnightly review of your food framework

24 teaching trainings with worksheets

Private Facebook community


"Clair is the most amazing coach. I was able to easily build a rapport with her which made it easy for me to be open and honest. Clair was great at reassuring me that what I was feeling was normal and gave me timely tips on how to overcome the obstacles I faced. What is great about Clair is that she believes in teaching the people she coaches the techniques she uses which means that you are all tooled up to self-coach in future. With Clair's help I have completely changed my mindset and feel very proud of what I have achieved. I cannot recommend Clair highly enough"


"Clair really took on a difficult case when she agreed to work with me. I was so resistant and stubborn to everything. I'd had so many years of negativity surrounding food and getting healthy. But she is so wise and calm, and she really listened to what I needed and how I felt about everything. For every objection I raised Clair had a simple solution. I was able to take on her suggestions and slowly I realised that by making tiny changes a great deal could be achieved. Clair works in a very eclectic way. She works with the whole person: mind, body and soul, and draws on a whole range of tools, lots of which I'm still using and finding helpful."

A. P.

"I contacted Clair because I felt stuck in a rut and in need of some direction or advice on how to move forward. I felt that I had lost my confidence and my chronic health issues were getting me down. I found Clair’s direction, inspiration and advice around how to look at my issues and address them to be very empowering. Working with Clair has helped me to achieve some weight loss goals and improve how I cope with chronic arthritis. Working with Clair is helpful and insightful. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."


Frequently Asked Questions

They are worlds apart. 80% of the work that we do together will be addressing the reason why you are overeating, and the remaining 20% will be about discovering what foods you want to eat, and how you want to eat them for life! Dieting to solve for being overweight is like putting cream on rash without bothering to find out what caused it. The work that you will do with me is going to be life changing. Not only will I teach you how to lose weight for ever, we’re also going to do some amazing life coaching so that you love your life so much that food will have significantly reduced importance for you.

You totally get to choose how much time you spend on doing this work, but I recommend you commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day, in addition to your weekly coaching calls. If you are concerned that finding time will be challenging to you, let me know, and we can work out how best to address that on one of the coaching calls.

Absolutely. Many women with PCOS, thyroid problems and other hormone related health problems that find it difficult to lose weight have had success on this program.

The two key reasons for this are:

  1. I work with you to help you discover the right way of eating for you and your body
  2. I help you manage your mind so that you make progress at the pace that is right for you and overcome any obstacles your body throws at you

Every single one of us is different. Our bodies dietary requirements naturally change throughout our lives and are impacted by our environment. This is why I work with you to design the right way of eating for you, continually assessing you are losing weight and how you feel throughout the program.  

When diets don’t work it’s not because of the diet and it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s because your lower brain is working very efficiently at doing what it’s programmed to do (seek pleasure, expend minimum energy and avoid pain). Learning how to override this programming is the key to success and that is what we are going to be working on together.

There is no better time to do this work than when you are facing a challenging time in life. Taking care of ‘you’ will give you the strength to deal with everything else. And, the mind management work that we apply to food and eating can also be applied to other areas of your life. You can use the same skills to help you manage a difficult situation at work, your relationship with your Mother, or your crazy hectic schedule. You can also bring any problem to your coaching calls for us to work through together.

I’m not going to tell you what to eat. You’re going to tell me what you like to eat, and we will create a program for you based on your likes, dislikes, and what feels right for your body. I will of course offer suggestions if you want them.


six monthly payments

Weekly check in

Weekly coaching

Fortnightly review of your food framework

24 teaching trainings with worksheets

Private Facebook community



save £165

Weekly check in

Weekly coaching

Fortnightly review of your food framework

24 teaching trainings with worksheets

Private Facebook community



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