Unlocking Sustainable Weight Wellness Workshop

Enrol today and find out the six keys to losing and managing your weight for life

  • Insights into why weight management has been difficult for you personally
  • The latest research about hormonal changes in women in midlife that make weight loss more difficult, so that you're equipped to accelerate your weight loss progress by working with and not against your body
  • To break free of self doubt and confusion about the right way for you to eat to lose weight
  • Exactly what mindset shifts, unique to YOU, will help you get unstuck in your health and weight goals
  • To understand the emotions you eat in response to and how you can stop doing that

What you get:

  • 8 short classes to watch or listen to via the private podcast
  • Workbook to help you apply what you learn to your life

How does it work?

You get instant access to everything via the course portal and App. Decide whether to do the whole course in one go (about 2 hours) or a little each day with our daily prompts. If you have a busy schedule listen to the course via your favourite podcast app on your commute to work or daily walk.


What People Are Saying:

I've lost nearly four and a half stone. But somehow, even more important than that is that I have this collection of amazing tools for my life that I have learnt to be able to apply in lots of different situations. I use them at work. I use them in my relationship with my husband. I use them in my relationship with my grown-up children.

I have lost now 4 and a half stone and lost 10 inches off both my waist and hips! Going from a size 16 to a size 10/12 and I feel great. And I managed to get back in my wedding dress (after 26yrs) with the zip done up!

Clair is amazing. She unlocked something in my brain, I’m 53 and tried everything, slimming clubs, diets - but her words of wisdom have been a godsend xxx

£9.00 GBP