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Unlocking Sustainable Weight Wellness:

Your Six Essential Weight Management Keys


You know what to do to lose weight.
You desperately want to lose weight.
You value your health.
But you still can't 'do it'!
If you could just 'unlock' this one thing.
You would be happier.
Life would feel easier and more enjoyable.

It's not about the food

It's about YOU!

  • Your brain.

  • Your body.

  • Your mind.

  • Your emotions.

  • Your life.

  • And how you think about yourself!


The Unlocking Sustainable Weight Wellness Workshop

Instant Access to video and private podcast replay

Don't worry; you can still access the valuable content and gain a fresh weight loss perspective so that you can unlock your personal path to sustainable weight wellness.  


What you can expect: 

  • Insights into why weight management has been difficult for you personally
  • The latest research about hormonal changes in women in midlife that make weight loss more difficult, so that you're equipped to accelerate your weight loss progress by working with and not against your body
  • To break free of self doubt and confusion about the right way for you to eat to lose weight
  • Exactly what mindset shifts, unique to YOU, will help you get unstuck in your health and weight goals
  • To understand the emotions you eat in response to and how you can stop doing that
  • Your personally designed approach to move forward with the weight loss journey you want
For just £9 you get:
  • 3 hours of instantly available teaching, coaching and workshop support with Advanced Certified Weight, Health and Life Coach. Clair Mackenzie
  • Lifetime access to the workshop video and audio replays
  • E-workbook accompanying the workshop classes
I've lost nearly four and a half stone. But somehow, even more important than that is that I have this collection of amazing tools for my life that I have learnt to be able to apply in lots of different situations. I use them at work. I use them in my relationship with my husband. I use them in my relationship with my grown-up children.

Your workshop enrolment includes...


Instant Access to Video Lessons

So that you can learn what's stopping from having the health and weight that you want.

Anywhere, anytime replay access

So that you can work through the workshop in your own time if you're unable to make the 9th Sep date, and you can revisit the lessons at any time. 

Private Podcast to listen on the go

So that if you don't have time to take half a day in front of your computer you can get the workshop lessons to listen to in the car or on your walk.

Workbook to help you apply what you learn

Take everything you learn and apply it to your relationship with food during the workshop to give you the momentum and motivation to move forward with your weight loss journey.

Unlocking Sustainable Weight Wellness Workshop:

Your Six Essential Weight Management Keys


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I have lost now 4 and a half stone and lost 10 inches off both my waist and hips! Going from a size 16 to a size 10/12 and I feel great. And I managed to get back in my wedding dress (after 26yrs) with the zip done up!

I'm Clair Mackenzie. Your workshop host and coach.

I spent decades of my life losing and regaining multiple stones over and over.

I've done Weight Watches, Slimming World, Lighter Life and lots of weird and not so wonderful diets in between. When I turned forty I was fat, frustrated and morbidly obese.

And then I lost six-stone for the last time.

I’m not super slim. I’m at the top end of the normal weight range. And I am very happy with that.

It’s easy for me to choose foods that nourish and fuel my body and I don’t want to gorge on foods high in carbs like I used to.

I feel in control.

I don’t need to eat to feel better when I’m having a bad day or feel exhausted or desperate for a treat.

I’ve learned how to get enjoyment from taking care of myself too.

And now I’m committed to helping women create a relationship with food, themselves, and their life that they love.

I am an Advanced Certified Weight Coach with NO BS. I am Certified in Life & Weight Loss Coaching with The Life Coach School. And Certified in Health & Life Coaching with The Health Coach Institute. I am a causal coaching specialist, with experience in NLP, Positive Intelligence and DISC Profiling.

Do you have a question about the workshop?

Check out these anticipated questions below, or email [email protected] to get your personal question answered.

Clair is amazing. She unlocked something in my brain, I’m 53 and tried everything, slimming clubs, diets - but her words of wisdom have been a godsend xxx