Are you ready to find true Food Freedom?

From feeling out of control to confidently making food choices that strike the balance between nourishment and pleasure, that’s right for you and your life! 

Private Coaching with Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach, Clair Mackenzie 


Finding Food Freedom Private Coaching Programme

Designed for midlife women who understand weight loss principles but struggle to implement them. The Finding Food Freedom Private Coaching Programme helps you to overcome life constraints, emotional eating habits, and cycles of weight loss and regain.

If you feel that you lack willpower, rely on food for comfort or mood enhancement, or just don’t want to miss out on life’s pleasures, this coaching could be your breakthrough! Even if you've been feeling stuck, frustrated, or uncertain about the right approach.

When you work with me privately the programme is tailored to be exactly what you need. 

With my support, you'll learn lifelong weight management skills, freeing yourself from wardrobe woes and food-related guilt. We’ll silence the incessant food chatter in your mind, enabling you to embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and mindset.

Embark on a transformative journey with me, where you'll receive step-by-step guidance to uncover and overcome the roots of your food and weight struggles, and achieve the freedom and balance you desire in life. 

Stop searching for the next diet

It's not about the food

It's about YOU!

  • Your brain.

  • Your body.

  • Your mind.

  • Your emotions.

  • Your life.

  • And how you think about yourself!


I'm Clair. Your Coach & Mentor who is here to help you, not only lose weight, but also to manage it for life!

I spent decades losing and regaining multiple stones over and over.

I did Weight Watches, Slimming World, Lighter Life and lots of weird and not so wonderful diets, and a few other things, in between.

When I turned forty, I was fat, frustrated and morbidly obese.

And then I lost six-stone and learned how to manage my weight for life.

It’s easy for me to choose foods that nourish and fuel my body and I don’t want to gorge on foods high in carbs like I used to.

I feel in control.

I don’t need to eat to feel better when I’m having a bad day or feel exhausted or desperate for a treat.

I’ve learned how to get enjoyment from taking care of myself too.

And now I’m committed to helping women like you create a relationship with food, themselves, and their life that they love. By teaching them tools to help them understand and manage their body, brain, mind and emotions in their relationship with food.

And, importantly, improve their relationship with themselves and live their best life too. It’s so much easier to not overeat at the dinner table, or to go without your evening food or drink treat, when they’re not the highlight of your day!

I am an Advanced Certified Weight Coach with Corinne Crabtree and the NO BS Weight Loss programme. I am Certified in Life & Weight Loss Coaching with The Life Coach School. And Certified in Health & Life Coaching with The Health Coach Institute. I am a causal coaching specialist, with experience in NLP, Positive Intelligence and DISC Profiling.

Prior to coaching I was Senior Director of Marketing for Thomson Reuters and I have a biological sciences degree.

I live in Warwickshire with my husband and two children who are 21 and 18 years. I’m waiting to see if we’re an empty nest household next year!

Private Coaching includes...

Weekly private coaching sessions

You have a scheduled slot to meet at the same time each week. Consistent guidance and accountability will help you address the challenges that you face achieving the health and weight results that you want.

Daily work

You'll get a printed workbook that you complete daily (just a few minutes each day). This practice helps you develop sustainable habits for permanent weight loss success and helps you identify upcoming obstacles so that you can plan to successfully manage them. 


Help and support when you need it

You have WhatsApp access to me for the duration of our time working together so that when things feel difficult or you eat differently to how you wanted, you can get quick support. And you get to celebrate your successes between coaching calls too.

Life coaching support too

Often the reason you're overeating is because of challenges in your life. Whether you're finding something difficult at work, in your relationships or there's something else going on, bring it to your call to work through it together and put strategies in place to support you that don't hinder your weight and health goals.

Supplementary video lessons

In addition to coaching supporting you during our time together, you have access to an online portal of video and other resources that is just for private clients.  The additional videos and information will help you embed what you learn on our coaching calls, and are available after coaching together for ongoing support.

Workbook to help you apply what you learn

A second workbook that accompanies the video lessons will help you apply to your life and practice the things that you learn whilst we work together, and from the video lessons for lasting behavioural change.

Private Coaching 'Food Freedom' Programme

Single Payment (Best Value)


Save ÂŁ174

Monthly Payment (Most Flexible)

ÂŁ657 per month for 3 months

Spread the cost

Let's talk through what your weight loss journey will look like together.

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This has been one of the hardest things I've done in life, and also the best. I'm not somebody who easily spends money on myself, so had a huge mental tussle to sign up to the mastermind programme.
And if there are women who are listening to this and thinking, Is it right for me? I would say, do whatever you've got to do. Sell something, you know, sell your husband! Whatever you need to do, but get on the mastermind programme, because it's life changing. I just wish I had done it years ago. 
Because my life would have been so different.
Following Clair's program, I have discovered lots of reasons why I overeat, ranging from habit, fear of missing out, not wanting to offend, rewarding myself, or just eating to dull my emotions.
This weight loss journey has been a journey of self-discovery. I have learned so much more about myself. I now have a food plan that I am comfortable with, that will help me lose weight and I know I can follow for life. I now know what I need to do to lose weight and believe that it is possible to get to my goal weight and stay there for life.
I am so glad that Lose Weight, Live Life came up in my Facebook feed, all those months ago, and I met Clair.
Clair is inspirational, insightful, understanding, and able to guide you in your weight loss journey.
I've lost nearly four and a half stone. But somehow, even more important than that is that I have this collection of amazing tools for my life that I have learnt to be able to apply in lots of different situations.
Clair has a fantastic range of tools and resources which I have found invaluable in my learning journey. But above all, Clair has been there, she has mastered her own challenges and designed her own sustainable, healthy life plan.  As a result, I totally trust her, and she brings huge understanding and empathy to supporting me through my journey.

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