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My name is Clair MacKenzie and I am a Life, Health and Weight Coach. I have coached 100s of women and a small number of men from all over the world.

All of my one-to-one coaching is video coaching via Zoom which works brilliantly for coaching. I also hold workshops and speak at conferences. 

Whilst the majority of my clients come to me for weight coaching, I also offer programs for over drinking, how to live a more intentional life and offer bespoke coaching on any topic.

I'm certified with the Life Coach School and The Health Coach Institute, and I have coaching certifications recognised by The International Coaching Federation. I'm also a member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

I'm also wife to my husband Jonathan, Mum to my children James and Scarlett, and furbaby Lucy (she features on some pics on this site),

After years of losing and regaining weight on multiple diets I discovered how to redefine my relationship with food and eating, and ultimately my relationship with myself. 

About you

When you invest in a life coach you are investing in yourself. That is, if you are investing in a life, health and weight coach, you’re investing in your physical and mental wellness. 

What possible better investment could you make?

Of all the things you can do in your life, of all the things you can invest your money into doing, I think mental and physical health and wellness must be at the top of your list.

Here in the UK we are very poor at investing in our health. We spend far more money and time on our houses, cars and clothes than we do our mental well-being. We then think that our annual holiday is the answer to mental self-care even though often in reality our holidays do not live up to our expectations and our mental wellness degrades even more.

Our mental wellness determines so much of our life. It determines how we feel, how we think, what we do, what we create, what our results are, and how we perceive the world. 

What would learning how to feel better be worth to you? What if you knew how to manage your mind, so that you could create the results that you want in your life, not just losing and maintaining your ideal weight, but better relationships, feeling valued at work, and having greater confidence. What would that be worth? What are you worth? 

From personal experience, being overweight, feeling desperate to lose weight, and continually trying and failing, is a miserable situation to be in. I lived with so much shame and I don’t want anyone else to be stuck with shame like that. Now that I know it’s totally possible to be free of the pounds that you want to lose, as well as the weight of the associated negative emotion, I cannot encourage you enough to please decide you are worth investing in. 

For those of you less familiar with life coaching, I am a causal life coach. This means that I don’t just help you change your action. I help you figure out why your taking the wrong action, or as if often the case, not taking any action. 

I work from the thought-feeling. Therefore, I spend time working with you to help you understand, in the case of weight management, why you are over eating, because unless you know why you are overeating, unless you tackle the problem at the source, you are always going to revert back to over eating even if you manage to lose the weight initially. 

And the great thing is, that once you work with me and learn this skill of learning how to understand why you are doing something or not doing something that you don’t or do want to be doing, it can be applied to any area of your life where you are not taking the required action to get you the result that you want.  


If you’re hesitant at the thought of investing in yourself it’s likely that you don’t have the necessary belief. Either you believe you’re not capable of doing what’s required, or you believe it’s not worth the value, or you just believe it won’t work. 

And what’s crazy about it is if you don’t believe and you don’t invest in yourself, you for sure won’t get the outcome that you could have gotten if you did believe, and it won’t of course have worked. 

This is true for many things in life but the absolute brilliant thing about causal life coaching is that this is precisely the work that I do with my clients. Because we are causal coaches we work with you to overhaul your belief system so that you learn how to believe that you can maintain the weight that you want, or that you do believe you can get the promotion, and then everything starts to work for you…changing beliefs isn’t easy, it takes time and practice but with a causal life coach supporting you it is entirely possible. 

Sometimes you will have breakthroughs, these is where the brain mentally shifts, and your perspective is instantly changed and a block that may have held you back for years is gone for ever. 

Having worked through the process myself, I know with 100% certainty that you can manage your weight with coaching from me if you are willing to work at it. You just need to commit to doing the work and never giving up. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. 

Please, please make the decision that you are worth investing in. I absolutely promise you that you will be so glad you did. 

If you would like to chat about what's not working for you and how I can help, click the button below and choose a suitable day and time. 
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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Sean Patrick Flanery

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