If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who would do anything to lose weight, and yet finds it impossible to stick to a diet, to eat less, or just what you know you should, this podcast is for you.

Listen in to learn how to stop overeating, lose weight for the last time and create a relationship with food that you love. All without diet deprivation and self-sabotage.

Discover how to…

- reduce your hunger for food

- become the boss of your food brain so that it is easier to make healthier food choices that take you close to your weight goals

- manage your mind so that you do not desire food so much or feel deprived

- end emotional eating

- put yourself first without taking anyway away from your work or relationships

Latest episodes

Making it easier to lose weight

Episode #13

Today’s episode is all about how to choose what and how you eat, so that your body is ‘fat adapted’.


When you think you can't lose weight

Episode #12

In this episode I talk to you about the reasons you can’t lose weight and how to overcome them.


Create momentum with ending overeating

Episode #11

How you can embrace the weight loss journey and create momentum so you get the results you want and establish a practice of positive self care habits along the way.


Living your best life

Episode #10

What does it mean to live your best life? In today's episode we explore how it's less about what you have and do, and more about who you are being.


Thinking you're not good enough

Episode #9

In this episode I talk about why your brain likes to get stuck thinking you're not good enough and what you can do about it.


Feeling compelled to eat

Episode #8

This episode is all about what to do when you feel compelled to eat but you’re not hungry.


Eating your feelings

Episode #7

In this episode I explore how each time you decide to eat something, it’s because of how you think eating whatever it is, will feel.


A new normal

Episode #6

Today’s episode explores what ‘normal eating’ is and consider why we may be wrong when we think that we want to eat like a normal person.


When you feel conflicted

Episode #5

Today’s episode is about why you sometimes feel conflicted when making food choices and what to do about it.


How to eat right for you

Episode #4

Today’s show is all about how to eat right for you.


Why you eat when you don't want to

Episode #3

Today I am talking about why you eat when you don’t want to. And what I mean by that is actually why is it that a part of you wants to eat and a part of you doesn’t?


What is weight loss mindset?

Episode #2

Today we explore what a weight loss mindset is and why you want to have one. 


Welcome to the Lose Weight. Live Life. podcast

Episode #1

Welcome to the very first episode of The Lose Weight Live Life podcast.



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