If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who would do anything to lose weight, and yet finds it impossible to stick to a diet, to eat less, or just what you know you should, this podcast is for you.

Listen in to learn how to stop overeating, lose weight for the last time and create a relationship with food that you love. All without diet deprivation and self-sabotage.

Discover how to…

- reduce your hunger for food

- become the boss of your food brain so that it is easier to make healthier food choices that take you close to your weight goals

- manage your mind so that you do not desire food so much or feel deprived

- end emotional eating

- put yourself first without taking anyway away from your work or relationships

Weight Loss Results

Often when the number on the scale isn’t coming down, or not coming down quickly enough we think that our weight loss efforts aren’t working, worth it, or paying off… but nothing could be further than the truth.


The Challenge of Change

Listen in to this episode to hear about the challenges we can expect when we choose, or are forced, to make changes in our life. 

Learn what it is that makes change challenging and feel difficult at times and discover how we can make change easier and appreciate the journey.


Letting Go

On this episode I talk about letting go of the default negative thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself. 


Diabetes - a conversation with my husband.

On this episode I chat to my husband about his diabetes diagnosis and management.


Eating Out

In this episode we explore everything to do with eating when you’re not preparing your own meals to have at home. We consider how it’s not the eating out that makes things challenging for us, it’s the mindset, the thoughts we have on default about what eating out means.



Listen in to this episode to learn about journaling and how it can help you on journey to create a relationship with food that you love.


My weight loss journey

Something different on this episode as I share answering a question about my weight loss journey from a member of the Lose Weight. Live Life Academy.


Self-care made easy

On this episode I address why we don’t take better care of ourselves and how we can incorporate self-care into our lives more easily.



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