Episode #82 - Calories on the menu

weight loss mindset Apr 15, 2022

Join me on this episode as I talk about the impact of the new UK legislation to publish calories on restaurant menus in the UK. What are the challenges it presents and how can we use it to help and not hinder our dining experience, our relationship with food and weight loss journey.

And we consider the challenges it presents for those with eating disorders and how you can both be helped and help others, if this affects you or those you are with.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The pros and cons of calorie information being printed on menus
  • The problem with making food choices based on calorie data
  • The benefit of noticing how you think and feel in response to seeing calorie information on menus
  • What to do if you feel triggered
  • How you can use the information to help and not hinder you create the dining experience that you want
  • How to stop yourself falling into outdated diet mentality 


Featured on the show:


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