Evening and Night-Time Snacking

There are multiple reasons why you could be finding it difficult to not snack in the evening. First be curious about which one (or ones ) are true for you.

#1 You have an insulin imbalance

If you are regularly eating refined sugar and refined carbohydrates such as flour, your body likely has an insulin imbalance.

In order to deal with the excess glucose (sugar and refined carbohydrates break down to glucose very quickly) in your blood, your body needs to produce more higher than natural insulin levels to move the glucose from your blood to your cells to be used as energy and to also store the excess as fat.

Whilst your body is in fat storing mode it cannot be simultaneously in fat accessing/breaking down mode. So if your body is still storing fat when your cells need more energy from glucose it cannot access your own fat reserves for that purpose and instead will send hunger signals to your brain so that you eat again and it can get the energy it needs that way. This is a vicious...


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