How can I feel motivated to lose weight?

Did you know that any feeling is available to you at any time?

You get to use feelings as fuel to create whatever it is you want in life.

For example, many of my clients want to feel motivated to lose weight.

Most of us haven’t been taught that we can generate feelings on purpose.

We spend time wishing we felt motivated, or inspired or passionate and we wait for those feelings to appear.

We think we must wait for something to happen to create those feelings for us.

When it comes to weight, we sometimes want the pain of being overweight, whether emotional or physical, to get so bad that we are motivated to do something about it.

And whilst we are waiting, we feel worse, we get more disappointed, and the feeling of disappointment drives us to eat for comfort!

So, imagine how valuable the skill of generating feelings on purpose would be for you.

I often say that the benefits of weight coaching with me far exceed losing weight and changing your relationship with food for life.



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