How can I feel motivated to lose weight?

Did you know that any feeling is available to you at any time?

You get to use feelings as fuel to create whatever it is you want in life.

For example, many of my clients want to feel motivated to lose weight.

Most of us haven’t been taught that we can generate feelings on purpose.

We spend time wishing we felt motivated, or inspired or passionate and we wait for those feelings to appear.

We think we must wait for something to happen to create those feelings for us.

When it comes to weight, we sometimes want the pain of being overweight, whether emotional or physical, to get so bad that we are motivated to do something about it.

And whilst we are waiting, we feel worse, we get more disappointed, and the feeling of disappointment drives us to eat for comfort!

So, imagine how valuable the skill of generating feelings on purpose would be for you.

I often say that the benefits of weight coaching with me far exceed losing weight and changing your relationship with food for life.

This is one of the skills you learn through coaching with me, that can be applied to any area of your life.

It’s a game changer and you can use it to up your performance at work and get that promotion, start a new hobby or business, and change your relationships.

Imagine being able to generate feelings of love on purpose, any time that you want to!

So, using motivation as an example, how do we learn to feel motivated?

We practice thoughts that we believe will create the feeling of motivation for us.

Much like an actor.

Think of feelings as currency you can draw down in order to get what you want.

For example, if I want to generate motivation to fuel the actions of meal planning, online shopping, meal prepping, and allowing feelings of desire for food, because when I take all these actions, I create the result of managing my relationship with food and losing weight.

So, grab a pen and paper and answer these questions…

  1. What emotion you want to generate?
  2. How does __________ feel in your body?
  3. How can you commit to feeling __________ today?
  4. How will you do or not do when you feel ______________?
  5. How will you get back on track if you notice you’re not feeling ______________?

Now practice feeling your chosen emotion.

Notice how you think, how you act, what you look like, and what you say when you feel ______________.

Practice feeling ________________ all day as though you’re rehearsing for a part in a film.

Don’t allow your brain to tell you you’re confused.

If your brain suggests that you’re confused ask yourself ‘what would I do if I wasn’t confused?’

This is what doing this work would be like for me…

  1. Motivated
  2. When I feel motivated, I feel a nice warm glow vibrating in the centre of my chest and a very mild tingling in my throat. It feels like excitement but has more purpose. The vibration is steadier.
  3. In order to feel motivated to fuel the action of managing my weight, I practice thinking:
    1. I love eating in a way that is in integrity what I teach and coach
    2. I love that the more I practice eating right and managing my mind around food, the easier it gets
    3. I love setting an example of what self-care and self-love looks like for my children by making healthy choices
    4. I love that eating this way means that I don’t feel aches in my body when I first get out of bed in the morning
    5. I love that eating this way means I can fit into the smallest jeans in my wardrobe
    6. I love eating in a way that my future self will thank me for
  4. I can commit to feeling motivated by having a copy of these thoughts on my phone, setting an alarm and reading them every two hours
  5. When I feel motivated, I will enjoy eating the food that I’ve planned and anticipate the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that I showed up the way that I wanted to this weekend
  6. If I lose the feeling of motivation at any point, I will write out my chosen thoughts again.

I really encourage you to practice this work of feeling on purpose.

It’s a massively empowering life changing skill to master.

Let me know in the comments what feeling you will practice feeling on purpose.


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