Episode #120 - Paradoxes on weight loss journeys

life coaching mindset May 12, 2023

Many weight loss truths – also arguably have an opposite truth.

The weight loss journey is one of paradox.

On this episode of the Lose Weight. Live Life. podcast learn 10 fundamental truths of weight loss reflected as the paradoxes that they are. Discover why it’s easy to get confused when we’re wanting to lose weight and gain insight as to why the very things you’ve been thinking, believing, and doing in your effort to lose weight, may well be exactly what’s keep you stuck and unable to create the results you want.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • It’s not your fault you’re overweight and you’re the only person who matters when it comes to being the weight you want to be.
  • Losing weight is both incredibly difficult and incredibly easy
  • The more you love yourself at the weight that you are, the easier it will be to lose your weight
  • A great relationship with food is eating delicious meals that help you lose/manage your weight, and not turning to food as a primary source of pleasure in your life.
  • Choosing to not have foods that you over desire in the house, makes it easier to not eat them and yet the only way to re-programme your desire for these foods is to get comfortable being around them.
  • The very foods and drinks you perceive as treats likely make it more difficult for you achieve what you want.
  • Eating to avoid negative feelings and emotions, creates more unwanted negative feelings and emotions.
  • Repeatedly eating differently to how you intended, repeatedly failing can be exactly what leads you to ‘winning’ when it comes to creating a relationship with food that you love and being the weight that you want to be.
  • You can eat whatever you want to be the weight that you want. AND at the same time, for most of us, eating what we want is what led to us being heavier than we wanted.



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