Episode #96 - Food Journaling

mindset Aug 12, 2022

You figuring out how you want to eat for life is one big experiment and to not write down what you eat is akin to being a scientist in a lab session who takes no notes and observes what they think is happening without writing down any facts or numbers. As you can imagine no one would take them seriously, which is why if you're serious about losing weight permanently and creating a relationship with food that works for you - you must keep a food journal.

Listen in to this podcast episode and discover all about food journaling and why I encourage you to start writing down what you eat today.


What You'll Learn from this Episode

  • The three key parts to food journaling: capturing data, observing what you make of that data and analysing what you observe to help you move forward
  • Using food journaling to uncover a diet mentality
  • Using food journaling alongside tracking your weight
  • Identifying unhelpful eating patterns through food journaling 


Featured on the show:


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