Episode #23 Weighing Yourself

weighting yourself Jan 08, 2021

Today we explore your thoughts and feelings about getting on the scales.

Some clients tell me they don’t want to weigh themselves too often because they get downhearted and that makes it difficult to keep going. Some clients tell me they don’t want to weigh daily because they don’t want to become obsessed with the number on the scale. Some clients don’t want to weigh themselves at all because they tell me they don’t care about how much they weigh and say it’s how they feel that matters.

So how often should you weigh yourself?

Today we explore the idea that how often you weigh yourself is far less important than the relationship you have with your scales. We consider your thoughts about different numbers you see on the scales and how thinking those thoughts makes you feel.

If you hate getting on the scales, this episode is for you.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why the number on the scales has so much power over how we feel
  • What to do when you judge yourself because of the number on the scales
  • How often you should weigh yourself
  • When you should change how you’re eating in response to the scales



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