Episode #143 - Unnecessary Suffering

life coaching mindset Nov 03, 2023

In this episode, we explore how we humans have a tendency to amplify our own suffering without realising it. We explore the spectrum of emotions and how they contribute to self-inflicted pain, emphasising the importance of acknowledging and processing negative feelings rather than avoiding them. We also discuss strategies for identifying and alleviating needless emotional burdens, touching upon the role of thought patterns in shaping our feelings.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The distinction between unavoidable negative emotions and self-induced unnecessary suffering
  • Exploring why striving for only positive emotions is unrealistic
  • Challenging the belief that external circumstances dictate our emotions and illustrating how our feelings stem from our thoughts
  • Encouraging the acceptance and processing of the full range of human emotions
  • Addressing common negative emotions that lead to unnecessary suffering, such as self-pity, confusion, guilt, and self-judgement
  • Methods for identifying self-inflicted suffering through self-awareness and self-inquiry
  • Differentiating between 'clean' negative emotions and those that are unnecessarily compounded by our own thoughts and actions
  • Practical steps to reduce unnecessary negative emotions by understanding the underlying thoughts
  • The importance of changing perspectives and thought patterns to alleviate emotional burdens
  • How habitual behaviours, such as overeating or excessive media consumption, can exacerbate negative feelings
  • Questioning habitual thinking to adopt a more positive and proactive mindset
  • The impact of taking actionable steps versus dwelling on negative aspects of life


Featured on the show:


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