Episode #91 - Proactive Wellbeing

well-being Jun 17, 2022

We all know that doing all that we can to prevent becoming unwell is the best approach when it comes to our physical health and well-being, but have you considered how you are proactively taking care of other aspects of your wellbeing. 

Taking care of our wellness across all areas of our life is vital to helping us create the relationship with food that we want to have.

Listen in to this episode to explore the eight dimensions of wellness and ponder how well you are in each of these areas in your life, and how your wellness or lack of it is helping or hindering your relationship with food.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Considerations of how you might rate the eight dimensions of wellness in your life and the impact those different dimensions have on your relationship with food
  • Physical wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Intellectual wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Environmental wellness
  • Occupational wellness
  • Financial wellness



Featured on the show:


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