Episode #135 - Brain Science for Weight Loss

life coaching mindset Sep 08, 2023

So, you may have heard me say that weight loss is not about the food. It’s about you, it’s about what’s happening in your body, your brain, your mind, and emotions in your relationship with food.

And today we’re focusing on what’s happening in your brain, and how you knowing and understanding your brain makes it easier to learn and use skills and strategies to help you manage the unsupervised primal part of your brain and make better food decisions.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference between the primitive brain and cerebral cortex when it comes to making food decisions
  • How you can change the part of your brain in your food decisions to help you in your weight loss
  • The challenges of the modern environment
  • 3 ways to hack your brain
  • How to create dopamine in non-food ways
  • Steps you can take to alleviate stress and negative feelings in your life



Featured on the show:


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