Episode #104 - Changing Your Tastes

mindset Oct 07, 2022

On this podcast episode we explore the thoughts and beliefs that you have about foods that you over desire. I'm talking about those foods that you maybe feel a little out of control around, that you maybe tend to over eat or eat when you recognise there's at least a part of you that would rather not be eating the food because you know it's going to take you further away from both your weight loss results and the long term relationship with food that you want.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • A reminder of diet mentality self-talk
  • How we end up over desiring certain foods
  • The reward desire cycle
  • Understanding that our tastes change all the time
  • Using thought work to break the desire cycle
  • Re-writing the story that you have about foods that you desire

Featured on the show:


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