Episode #117 - You Can’t Hate Yourself Slim

mindset Feb 03, 2023

If you refuse to accept your body as it is, in the belief that hating it and rejecting it will somehow drive you to lose weight, this podcast episode is for you.

Unfortunately, it’s normal for people, especially women to feel negatively about our bodies. So many women I work with tell me of the disgust they feel when they look in the mirror. Other women tell me, and I did this for years, of the shame and self-hatred they feel for creating a body that looks the way that it does.

This cycle of disrespecting our bodies and ourselves has got to end because it’s pointless. There is nothing to be gained. And it’s likely, if you feel this way about your body and yourself that it’s hindering you creating the relationship with food that you want so that you can easily lose and manage your weight for life.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s normal to feel such negativity about your body
  • How you not liking your body is going to hinder your weight loss
  • The possibility of respecting and appreciating your body right now and suing that respect and appreciation to help you lose weight


Featured on the show:


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