Episode #99 - The Urge to Eat

mindset Sep 02, 2022

On this podcast episode we explore the different reasons why we feel the urge to eat. Many of you think the reason you’ve not lost weight yet, or that you’ve lost it and regained it is because you’re not disciplined enough or strong willed enough, but that’s simply not the case.

The path to losing weight is to first understand the reasons why you feel the urge to eat. Because once you understand how you are using food, then you can put different strategies in place to replace food as a tool, so that you’re not removing something fundamental in your life and then feeling frustrated because it’s so difficult to not eat the way you always have.

So, listen in as I highlight all the reasons why you feel the urge to eat.


What You'll Learn from this Episode

  • What the urge to eat is
  • Several types of urges from physical hunger
  • About eating urges to address non hunger physical needs
  • About eating urges from over desire
  • About eating urges from physical pain and discomfort
  • About eating urges to create positive emotion
  • About eating urges arising from conditioned messaging
  • About eating urges from a desire to punish yourself or cause yourself discomfort
  • About eating urges to protect yourself
  • About eating urges from habit



Featured on the show:


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