Episode #78 - Mindset shifts to help you get started with weight loss

weight loss mindset Mar 11, 2022

Join me on this episode as I talk about what to do when you can’t get started with weight loss. 

I see ‘not getting started’ show up in a couple of ways. 

The first is when you know deep inside that you want to lose weight and get started but you don’t do anything about it, except possibly eat in a way that leads you to gain weight in a sort of pre-getting started phase. I did this often.

And the second is when you are stuck in that place of deciding to start and then immediately on the same day deciding you’ve failed, meaning that you need to start again, over, and over. And this is so familiar to me. I played out that cycle for well, if you added all the days together, years and years of my life.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  Why you can’t get started with weight loss
  •  Shifting your mindset to help you get started
  •  Stepping into self-love
  •  And actions to take



Featured on the show:


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