Episode #114 - I’ll Start Again Tomorrow

mindset Jan 13, 2023

Join me on this episode as I explore how the very normal thought ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’ and related thoughts and feelings are keeping you stuck from making progress with you having the relationship with food that you want and being the weight that you want to be.

‘I’ll start again tomorrow’ thinking is showing up a lot in the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy at the moment as members work at ‘getting back to’ or ‘starting’ eating in a way that will help them to lose weight, because it’s the New Year.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What triggers you to want to eat something right before or after ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’ thinking
  • Why you want to tell yourself that you will start again tomorrow
  • How to make things easier for you so that you reduce eating triggers
  • How to talk yourself out of wanting to ‘start again tomorrow’
  • How to allow the emotions that come up with ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’ thinking
  • How to feel triggering emotions less frequently


Featured on the show:


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