Episode #145 - Weight Management Tools

life coaching mindset Nov 17, 2023

In the podcast episode on weight management, you're welcomed to a deep dive into the complexities of weight loss journeys, specifically for women in midlife. I discuss how both easy and difficult phases are a normal part of your weight loss journey and share how the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy offers tools and skills to navigate these phases effectively. We also explore the importance of embracing and learning from difficult times to make weight loss feel easier, and how creating the relationship with food that you want, so that you can be the weight you want to be is all about learning how to understand your body, brain, mind and emotions better. midlife.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Understanding weight loss phases
  • Navigating weight management
  • Importance of a comprehensive approach
  • Deconstructing thought errors
  • Mindset shifts for weight loss
  • Emotional eating and weight management
  • Self-relationship and life perception
  • Festive season preparation
  • 13-week Food 4 thought programme
  • Deep dive focus areas

Featured on the show:


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