Episode #77 - Feeling Uncertain

weight loss mindset Mar 04, 2022

Join me on this episode as I talk about the emotions we feel when something significant and undesirable happens in our life when we feel uncertain about what’s going to happen next. You might think of this as worry or anxiety or fear. It doesn’t matter how you describe and label the emotion, if you can relate to feeling the discomfort of not knowing this episode is for you.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  Why you feel the way that you do
  •  The importance of acknowledging and allowing yourself to experience your uncomfortable emotions
  •  Understanding that your feelings are created by what you think about the situation and not the situation itself
  •  Why you want to face your fears
  •  Getting clear on what is and isn’t in your control
  •  Exploring what you get to choose
  •  Why you want to practice appreciation



Featured on the show:


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