Episode #151 - Getting More from 2024

life coaching mindset Jan 06, 2024

So, what are your goals and dreams and desires for 2024. What would you love for yourself and your life? That’s what we explore in this podcast episode through looking at ten ways you can approach ‘Getting More from 2024.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Creating the habit of appreciating yourself and why you might want to
  • Creating the habit of appreciating your life and what it will give you
  • How do you approach choosing the things you ‘work towards’ in your life
  • The importance of knowing the direction you’re headed whilst focusing on the ‘here and now’
  • The significance of prioritising your physical and emotional health
  • Creating a better relationship with yourself
  • Embracing a practice of life-long learning
  • The intrinsic importance of connection with others
  • Why you might want to cultivate inner peace
  • What exploration and adventure contribute to your life
  • The disadvantages of staying in your comfort zone



Featured on the show:


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