Episode #146 - How to NOT gain weight in December

life coaching mindset Nov 23, 2023

Listen in to this episode with a bonus. In addition to sharing some hints and tips about how to NOT gain weight in December, you get the opportunity to listen in to one of our weekly academy Coaching Q&A calls, where I talk about all things snacking, resistance to meal planning and diet mentality.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference between eating for pleasure and overeating
  • How to stay out of diet mentality during December
  • The importance of creating the feelings that you want in non-food ways
  • What to do with difficult emotions that show up at this time of year
  • The practise of staying intentional during the festive season
  • All things snacking
  • What to do when you’re resistant to food planning
  • Dissecting a diet mentality

Featured on the show:


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