Episode #110 - The December Difference

mindset Dec 02, 2022

What do you want this December? What do you want your Christmas to be like? Whether your focus is surviving or thriving during this time of year, listen to this episode as we explore what you want your relationship with food to look like this December; and ways that you can set yourself up to create the December that you want.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  •  Identify your default way of eating during the month of December
  •  What to do if your focus is surviving more than thriving
  •  How you can create the December you want by:
    •  Letting go of perfectionist thinking
    •  Focusing on the Christmas foods you love
    •  Focusing on what else you would love to create and experience during the festive period
    •  Reminding yourself you don’t have to do anything
    •  Creating strategies for not overeating
    •  Taking time to focus on self-care and loving what you wear
    •  Focus on the creation of non-food comfort and joy


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