Episode #106 - Soft Skills for Weight Loss

mindset Nov 03, 2022

Much of what you learn in the My One Life Mastermind and The Academy are what I call hard tangible skills. You learn processes and strategies to help you override your humanness so that you can more easily create a way of eating that works for you and your body, so that you can be the weight that you want to be.

These skills are learning and applying simple and unique practices.

Soft skills, which is what we're talking about on this episode, are by comparison less obvious, less systematic and are more about 'ways of being' in your approach to weight loss and actually just your approach to life in general. Soft skills are however I think the more important of the two. Adopt these soft skills and you won't need to rely on the hard skills to get you where you want to be.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • The art of acceptance
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • The benefit of resilience
  • The necessity of self-love and appreciation
  • The value of being open minded
  • What it means to have an enquiring mind and the desire to problem solve
  • Being non judgemental
  • The art of curiosity
  • The progress that can be made with logical thinking
  • The necessity of a growth mindset

Featured on the show:


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