Episode #136 - Your Mind and Weight Wellness

life coaching mindset Sep 15, 2023

I am pleased to bring you a segment of last week’s Unlocking Sustainable Weight Wellness Workshop for this week’s podcast episode. The six keys to weight wellness that we covered in the workshop were: your body, your brain, your mind, your emotions, yourself, and your life. And this segment from the workshop is about: your mind.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How your current weight is the result of how you think about food, yourself and your life
  • The thought and belief systems that keep you eating
  • How we’re all fish in water when it comes to weight loss thinking
  • What you think about foods that hinder your weight loss vs foods that help it
  • What you think about the process of losing weight
  • Examples of thought errors



Featured on the show:


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