If you are a woman in midlife who would do anything to lose weight, and yet finds it impossible to stick to a diet, to eat less, or just what you know you should, this podcast is for you.

Listen in to learn how to stop overeating, lose weight for the last time and create a relationship with food that you love. All without diet deprivation and self-sabotage.

Discover how to…

- reduce your hunger for food

- become the boss of your food brain so that it is easier to make healthier food choices that take you close to your weight goals

- manage your mind so that you do not desire food so much or feel deprived

- end emotional eating

- put yourself first without taking anyway away from your work or relationships

Non-food Nourishment

On this episode we explore ways to break the habit of using food as a means to 'take a break' by incorporating more non-food nourishment as a regular part of our day. 


How to eat on holiday

When you set yourself up to have an amazing holiday, when you’re intentional about how you want to feel on holiday, it will be easier to not overeat and find yourself regretting it. Listen in to this episode to find out more.


You in 2022!

Today’s episode is all about being intentional about deciding what you want to do and create in 2022.


Overeating Opportunities

Over eating, treat eating, self-sabotage eating, and binging do not need to take you a step back from achieving what you ultimately want. They can help you take a step forward. And that's what I talk about on today's episode.


Listener Q&A

On today’s episode I answer some questions and respond to topics raised inside of the Lose Weight. Live Life. Facebook community. 


You're Invited! Food 4 Thought

This episode is an invitation to those of you who would like ongoing support with your weight loss journey. I am inviting you to join me, not only in the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy but also in a brand new 10-week program ‘Food 4 Thought’. 


Don't complicate weight loss

Weight Loss doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to focus on doing everything right or eating in a certain way.

Life-changing weight loss has very little to do with knowing what to eat and EVERYTHING to do with knowing yourself.


What I want you to know

On this episode, I close out the year by sharing 10 things that I want you to know. This is for you if you want to, live a life you love even more than the one you’re living right now AND lose your weight for the last time along the way.


Your Family Manual

The Manual is an unwritten rule book we have for other people in our lives and ourselves. And in this episode, we explore The Manual that you have for your family and how it shows up at this time of year. 


Non Scale Achievements

Focusing on non scale achievements is a great way to make your weight loss journey easier and to track your progress whether or not your efforts are reflected by the scales.


December Desires

Understand what you truly want and how to get it this Christmas and it will be easier not to overeat.


The Lies We Tell

In this episode, we explore the lies you tell yourself and how they hold you back from getting what you want in life, whether that’s losing weight or just enjoying your life more.


Diabetes: what I want you to know

Chances are diabetes will affect you or someone you love at some point in your life. You owe to yourself to be aware of what diabetes is, what causes it, and how you can reduce your risk, or if you are a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, put your diabetes into remission


Sugar Awareness

Listen in to learn the impact that sugar has on your body, brain, mindset and emotions and discover steps you can take to reduce the amount of foods containing added sugar and refined carbohydrates in your diet.


5 Steps to End Emotional Eating

On this episode I am pleased to invite you to listen in to the Masterclass that I ran teaching an updated process for 5 Steps to End Emotional Eating.


Weight Loss Self Talk

On this episode we look at how you can uncover your self-talk, and use it, (even if it’s predominantly unsupportive) to help you with your weight loss journey.


Weekend weight gains

It’s normal to have a pattern of losing weight during the week and gaining weight over the weekend and it need not be a problem, but if you’re not seeing a net negative loss then it’s time to explore what’s going on for you so that you can make it easier to enjoy your weekend without leading to a gain on the scales on Monday morning.


Comfort Eating

Comfort eating is one of the many types of emotional eating. It’s when we eat food to avoid feeling discomfort or we eat food to feel better, soothed, or comforted. Comfort eating can be a desire for physical comfort from the food, emotional comfort from the food or both. Listen in to this podcast episode to find out more.


Style at any size

I am thrilled to have Style Confidence Coach Sarah Gray on the podcast this week. Sarah helps professional women uncover their unique personal style and find their confidence to banish outfit overwhelm, look great, and feel fabulous every day.


Food F.O.M.O.

Do you ever feel you're missing out when you're eating to lose weight? If you feel deprived or having a yearning for something, whether it’s food itself or the occasion or connect with people associated with food, this episode is for you.


Emotional Responsibility

Emotional responsibility is knowing we are responsible for how we are feeling in any situation. And on this episode, we explore the difference between how we are showing up, what we are thinking, feeling, and doing when we are taking emotional responsibility and when we’re not. 


Why do I want chocolate and cake when I know they are not good for my health?

Chocolate, cake, ice cream, toast, sweets, biscuits, crisps, cheese, and wine, these are some of the foods you tell me you want to eat that you know contribute to you being overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy.

On this episode we look at why we can’t do the simple thing of not eating these foods when we want to lose weight and be healthier.


Obstacle Thinking

On this episode I share with you a call from inside the Lose Weight. Live Life. Academy. Today’s call is all about how to overcome obstacles on your weight loss journey. We talk about setting goals, using failure to help you, and explore how you can break down your obstacles to truly understand them, and subsequently overcome them more easily.


Not enough time to lose weight

If time is blocking you from doing what you want in life, whether that’s being healthier or doing other things that are important to you, then it's time to take control of your time.


Weight Loss Stories

Today I am talking to 3 ladies from the January 2021 - 6 month Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind. Join us and listen to stories of their amazing weight loss journeys and the challenges they’ve overcome. And hear them share what’s changed for them after working on their relationship with food.


Other People's Opinions

In today’s episode we shine a light on how other people’s opinions, or your perception of other people’s opinions, are making your weight loss journey more difficult.


Weight Related Mindset Models

Discover how you can use the Mindset Model to help you understand how your thoughts and feelings are causing you to overeat.


Weight Loss Results

Often when the number on the scale isn’t coming down, or not coming down quickly enough we think that our weight loss efforts aren’t working, worth it, or paying off… but nothing could be further than the truth.


The Challenge of Change

Listen in to this episode to hear about the challenges we can expect when we choose, or are forced, to make changes in our life. 

Learn what it is that makes change challenging and feel difficult at times and discover how we can make change easier and appreciate the journey.


Letting Go

On this episode I talk about letting go of the default negative thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself. 


Diabetes - a conversation with my husband.

On this episode I chat to my husband about his diabetes diagnosis and management.


Eating Out

In this episode we explore everything to do with eating when you’re not preparing your own meals to have at home. We consider how it’s not the eating out that makes things challenging for us, it’s the mindset, the thoughts we have on default about what eating out means.



Listen in to this episode to learn about journaling and how it can help you on journey to create a relationship with food that you love.


My weight loss journey

Something different on this episode as I share answering a question about my weight loss journey from a member of the Lose Weight. Live Life Academy.


Self-care made easy

On this episode I address why we don’t take better care of ourselves and how we can incorporate self-care into our lives more easily.



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