Episode #73 - You in 2022!

weight loss mindset Feb 04, 2022

Today’s episode is all about being intentional about deciding what you want to do and create in 2022.

As we get older we tend to stop making conscious decisions about major aspects of our life. We stop considering whether we have what we want, are getting what we want, have the relationships that we want, and being who we want in our lives.

Sometimes it is about pursuing something new or different and enjoying who you become in the pursuit of those goals. And other times it’s about reaffirming that you want what you have and allowing yourself to bask in the gratitude and appreciation of that. 

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  1.  Why you want to intentionally decide what you want in your life
  2. The value of deciding you have what you want and feeling appreciation for it
  3. Similarities between the weight loss journey and pursuit of other life goals
  4. Being aware of who you are becoming in pursuit of your goals




Featured on the show:


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