Episode #50 - Other People’s Opinions

relationships Aug 06, 2021

How do other people help or hinder you on your weight loss journey? In today’s episode we shine a light on how other people’s opinions, or your perception of other people’s opinions, are making your weight loss journey more difficult.

We explore how we allow the words that people say and the things that people do to create emotion that has us eating differently to how we want to be eating to lose weight, be healthy and have a relationship with food that we love.

Listen in to find out more. 

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • About how you are impacted by the words that people say including positive statements, negative statements, and questions
  • About how to respond when people offer you food
  • About how to make things easier when people eat foods that you over desire in front of you
  • How your perceived thoughts about what others maybe thinking or feeling make your weight loss journey more difficult

Featured on the show:




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