Episode #41 - Self-care made easy

On this episode I address why we don’t take better care of ourselves and how we can incorporate self-care into our lives more easily.

On the surface it seems crazy that we don’t take better care of ourselves. We intellectually know that our physical and emotional well-being is one of our highest, if not the highest, priorities in our life. And yet we push self-care activities, doing all the things that ensure we create a healthy life for ourselves in the long term, to the bottom of our to-do-list.

Listen in to this episode to learn how to create a self-care mindset that works for you, and learn the practical steps that will enable you to put self-care into place so that it just becomes part of who you are.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Understanding about why you’re not taking better care of yourself
  • Choosing the self-care changes that you want to make
  • Overcoming self-care obstacles
  • How to keep going when self-care feels difficult
  • Creating self-care habits



Featured on the show:


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