Episode #54 - Why do I want chocolate and cake when I know they are not good for my health?

Chocolate, cake, ice cream, toast, sweets, biscuits, crisps, cheese, and wine, these are some of the foods you tell me you want to eat that you know contribute to you being overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy.

So, given that we are all intelligent human beings. Given that we can manage teams and projects and families. 

On this episode we look at why we can’t do the simple thing of not eating these foods when we want to lose weight and be healthier.

Listen in to find out more.  

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  How you are programmed to eat to survive
  •  How your brain responds differently to eating the chocolate and cake than it does to you eating apples, chicken, and nuts
  •  How you have learned to over desire these foods
  •  The role that society and culture play in keeping us over desiring 

Featured on the show:


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