Episode #67 - Your Family Manual

mindset the manual Dec 10, 2021

On this episode I talk to you about a Life Coach School concept which is The Manual.

The Manual is an unwritten rule book we have, often unknowingly, for other people in our lives and even ourselves. And in this episode, we explore The Manual that you have for your family and how it shows up at this time of year. 

You want to understand the chapters in The Manual you have for yourself and others so that you can gain clarity around the unwritten conditions you put on allowing yourself to feel good, whether that’s loved, appreciated, respected, valued, or another positive emotion.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  The concept of The Manual
  •  Why you want to update The Manuals you have in your life
  •  About the chapter ‘They Should Help Out’
  •  One of The Manual pages that I have for my husband
  •  About the chapter ‘It’s Not Fair’
  •  About the chapter ‘They Shouldn’t Comment on my Weight or How I Eat’
  •  The Manual we have for ourselves



Featured on the show:


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