Episode #74 - How to Eat on Holiday

weight loss mindset Feb 11, 2022

Holidays, for many of us, may previously have been associated with over-indulging in food and weight gain, especially if we were dieting in the run up to our holiday. 

So, when you’re doing the work of creating a relationship with food that you love, you will also want to start thinking about how you want to eat on holiday. Often I think that when I refer to ‘lose weight. Live life. There may be an assumption that I am suggesting you want to lose weight to live your life. And yes, whilst for some of us we naturally do start living and enjoying life more when losing weight, the reverse is also true. The more you live life, the more you enjoy your life, the less you will find yourself wanting to turn to food to feel better.

When you set yourself up to have an amazing holiday, when you’re intentional about how you want to feel on holiday, it will be easier to not overeat and find yourself regretting it.

So, listen in to today’s episode to help you decide how you want to eat on holiday. 

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  How to use planning ahead of your holiday to set yourself up for success
  •  How it’s not all about the food
  •  What you will want to do on holiday to get what you truly want from your time away
  •  How to ensure you settle back into eating in the way that is your new normal after your holiday



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