Episode #51 - Weight Loss Stories

weight loss stories Aug 13, 2021

I am so pleased to introduce you to my favourite podcast episode ever.

Today I am talking to 3 ladies from the January 2021 - 6 month Lose Weight. Live Life. Mastermind. 

Join us and listen to stories of their amazing weight loss journeys and the challenges they’ve overcome. And hear them share what’s changed for them after working on their relationship with food.

Listen in to find out more. 

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How they started dieting, in one form or another, in their tween or teen years
  • What’s been the most challenging part of their journey
  • What they’ve been most proud of
  • What they want you to know if you’re considering creating a new relationship with food
  • How they’ve used everything that they’ve learned on their weight loss journey to help them in other areas of their life too

Featured on the show:


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