Episode #56 - Food F.O.M.O.

On this episode, we explore food F.O.M.O.

F.O.M.O is the fear of missing out. 

You are likely to be experiencing food F.O.M.O. if you feel deprived or having a yearning for something, whether it’s food itself, or the occasion associated with food, or the connection with people associated with food and eating.

If you can relate to any of those then this episode is for you. 

Listen in to find out….  

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  What food F.O.M.O. is
  •  When food F.O.M.O. shows up
  •  When and how to resolve food F.O.M.O
  •  When and how to allow food F.O.M.O
  •  What to do if food F.O.M.O is holding you back from getting started on your weight loss journey 

Featured on the show:


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