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Thu 27 May @ 7 pm (BST) - Finding food freedom and taking control of your eating

Join this masterclass to find out how to lose weight without diet deprivation and battling with your will power.

Diets don’t work because of the internal battle they create within us.

After years of losing and regaining weight through dieting I learned how to lose weight for the last time by figuring out how to think, feel and eat so that I could create a relationship with food that I loved and peacefully lose and then manage my weight.

I want that for you too, because I know the inner frustration and sometimes self loathing that can come with repeatedly failing at dieting and seeing the numbers on the scales go back up.

If you relate then come join me, certified Weight Loss Mindset and life coach, Clair Mackenzie and discover the difference between dieting and empowering yourself to create a weight loss journey that works for you.


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