Episode #58 - Comfort Eating

emotional eating Oct 08, 2021

Join me on this episode to explore all things comfort eating.

Comfort eating is one of the many types of emotional eating. It’s when we eat food to avoid feeling discomfort or we eat food to feel better, soothed, or comforted. And I think comfort eating can be a desire for physical comfort from the food, emotional comfort from the food, or both.

And comfort eating is normal. Whether breast or bottle-fed, no doubt your mother offered you milk as a baby to soothe and comfort you when you were upset. In fact, being held whilst fed milk as a baby the hormone oxytocin, associated with love and bonding and trust is released in your brain. Another reason why eating is not just emotionally but also physiologically about more than just nutrition.

But when your comfort eating is undermining your relationship with food or a part of your overeating then maybe it’s time to explore alternative strategies to feel better when you want some comfort.

Listen in to find out….  

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  •  How to understand your desire for comfort
  •  Increase your awareness of when you’re eating for comfort
  •  Figure out when and what you do want to eat for comfort
  •  Figure out when you don’t want to eat for comfort
  •  Explore ways to comfort and self soothe yourself without turning to food
  •  Planning for those days when you don’t feel great 

Featured on the show:


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