If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur who would do anything to lose weight, and yet finds it impossible to stick to a diet, to eat less, or just what you know you should, this podcast is for you.

Listen in to learn how to stop overeating, lose weight for the last time and create a relationship with food that you love. All without diet deprivation and self-sabotage.

Discover how to…

- reduce your hunger for food

- become the boss of your food brain so that it is easier to make healthier food choices that take you close to your weight goals

- manage your mind so that you do not desire food so much or feel deprived

- end emotional eating

- put yourself first without taking anyway away from your work or relationships

Proactive emotional health

On this episode I talk to you about proactive emotional health. Listen in to learn about five things you can do to proactively improve your emotional wellbeing.


Lockdown weight gain

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the weight you’ve gained during lockdown listen in as I talk you through three ways to start to feel better right now.


The B.A.L.A.N.C.E Pathway

The difference between the BALANCE Pathway and a diet is that the diet is effectively papering over the cracks of whatever the reasons are that you are or have been overeating.


Different types of eating

Learn about the difference between fuel eating, withdrawal eating and the many variations of emotional eating that you may recognise from your life.


Giving yourself the gift of 12-months

On this episode I talk about the gift of giving yourself a full 12-months to prioritise and create permanent weight loss in your life.


Special occasions & getting what you want

Episode #35

Listen in to this episode for insights into how you can truly get what you want from special occasions with tips for what to do before, during and after the event.


The right time to lose weight

Episode #34

This episode is all about whether there is a right, or a better time, to lose weight. You are invited to be curious about what you may be waiting for and why thinking ‘it’s not the right time’ may be holding you back from living the life that you want.


When losing weight is difficult

Episode #33

On this episode I explore what’s going on when sometimes eating in a way that enables you to lose weight feels easy, and then at other times it feels incredibly difficult.


When dinner is the highlight of your day

Episode #32

In this episode we explore what to do if you think you have overly positive associations with food and eating compared to other aspects of your life.


My thoughts about obesity

Episode #31

On today’s podcast I share my thoughts about obesity and how it’s a problem created by the modern world in which we live.


Weight loss motivation

Episode #30

Join me on this episode to explore all things weight loss and motivation.


Food planning

On this episode I talk to you about food planning as a tool that will help you see the difference between lower brain and higher brain food related thinking.


Loving yourself first

Episode #28

Join me to explore self-love and several different concepts about what it means to ‘love yourself first’ in today’s episode.


Losing weight during lockdown

Episode #27

Our thoughts about losing weight during lockdown create the exact opportunities or challenges we expect them to.


When you can't get 'back on track'

Episode #26

In today’s episode we explore what's going on when we think we can't get back on track and how you can overcome feeling out of control about how you are eating.


How to enjoy and not endure your weight loss journey

Episode #25

In today’s episode I talk about how you can make your weight loss journey an amazing, desirable, and transformational adventure.


How to eat to lose weight when you're not dieting

Episode #24

Join me on this episode to explore the three key differences between dieting and eating to lose weight when you’re not dieting.


Weighing Yourself

Episode #23

Listen in to learn why the number you see when you stand on the scales determines how you feel and what you can do about it.


Weight goals for the new year

On this episode we look at the positive and negative impact of goal setting and the benefits of setting an impossible goal.


Food and your relationship with others

On this episode we look at the sway or influence that your relationship with food has over your relationship with other people, whether they are family, friends, or colleagues, and vice versa.



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