Episode #27 - Losing weight during lockdown

lockdown weight loss Feb 05, 2021


Today's episode is about losing weight during lockdown. My clients have lots of thoughts about losing weight during lockdown. Some of them think that being in lockdown makes weight loss easier, some of them think it makes lockdown more difficult. And recently some of my clients who are doing well and creating a relationship with food that they love, and losing weight as a part of that process, are starting to be fearful of what will happen when lockdown ends. They are wondering whether they will be able to navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with being able to eat outside of the home again.

And so today we dig in and explore all the different ways to think about eating healthily to lose weight in lockdown and how our thoughts about it create the exact opportunities or challenges we expect them to.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to use lockdown to work out what eating right for you looks like
  • How to create a habit of journaling to help you improve your relationship with food and yourself
  • Learning the skill of watching and choosing your thoughts can be applied in any situation
  • Why there has been no better time to work on your relationship with yourself



Featured on the show:


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