Episode #22 Weight goals for the New Year

goals Jan 01, 2021


What are your intentions for 2021?

One thing that I’ve discovered this year is that no matter what happens in my life, and I’m talking about those things over which I have no control, I can cope and show up in better support of others when I am taking excellent care of myself.

So, I would love for you to consider a journey of self-care and creating a relationship with food that you love in 2021 and today I talk to you about setting goals around doing just that.  

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The positive and negative impact of goal setting
  • About the different types of goals, you can set
  • The benefit of setting an impossible goal
  • Why you want to fail
  • All about obstacle and strategy management
  • Why I want you to think the journey is at least as good as the destination



Featured on the show:


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