Episode #26 - When you can’t get ‘back on track’

feeling in control Jan 29, 2021

On this episode we explore what’s going on for us when we’re thinking we’re not on track or that we cannot get back on track. And I’m guessing that even if that’s not your experience right now, that you know what I am relating to.

In fact, this idea of not being able to get back on track, is often one of our greatest fears when our weight loss is going well, and we are eating what we’ve planned. It’s the fear that it’s outside of our control, we don’t understand how we’re creating that result for us, and so we fear that things will change, and we won’t be able to just chose how we want to be eating.


What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why we think about our eating and weight loss as being either on or off track
  • Why it is that we feel out of control of our ability to stay on, or get back on, track
  • The problem with on/off track thinking
  • And how we can move forward and not stay stuck



Featured on the show:


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