Episode #112 - The Tipping Point

mindset Dec 16, 2022

On this episode we talk about the tipping points in your relationship with food. We’re exploring the point at which small decisions away from you creating the weight loss result and relationship with food that you want, become significant enough to create a larger more substantial change.

Specifically, we’re looking at eating during the festive season where we may notice the point at which we make one too many eating decisions that take us away from what we ultimately want, in such a way where the net negative is noticed and felt.


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  •  Examples of tipping points that you may notice
  •  Why what’s important is what you do next
  •  Focusing on what you truly want instead of being stuck on what you think you want
  •  Thought – Feeling pairings
  •  Helpful vs hindering thinking
  •  The difference between eating for pleasure and indulgence
  •  The process of trial and error


Featured on the show:


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