Episode #86 - Meeting yourself where you’re at

weight loss mindset May 12, 2022

On this episode we explore the concept of ‘Meeting yourself where you’re at’ with regards to digging into the truth of the foods that you ‘want’ to eat.

So often, we’ve spent years and decades thinking that we cannot eat what we want to eat. This is partly due to a diet mentality way of being that has become normal in society in recent decades. And when we are encouraged to fully own what we want to eat it can feel daunting and confusing. This is what we explore on today’s episode.


What You'll Learn from this Episode

  • Why we want to eat ‘all the things’ when we’re told we can eat what we want
  • Why we might not believe we can eat what we want
  • What to do if we don’t believe we can eat what we want
  • What to expect if you do start eating in a way that takes you further away from your weight loss goals



Featured on the show:


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