Episode #95 - The One Thing

mindset Aug 05, 2022

Listen in to this podcast episode and discover the most important skill you are going to want to learn, to ensure this weight loss journey is your last one. Building on from last week’s episode, this week we focus on the importance of knowing what to do after you overeat, emotionally eat, or just eat differently to how you planned or wanted to eat.

It’s not realistic to tell yourself you’ll never overeat or emotionally eat again, but that’s okay because that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is knowing what to do when it happens.


What You'll Learn from this Episode

  • Why you want to get factual and precise about what you ate
  • How to reflect and understand why you ate what you ate
  • Evaluate what you could have done instead of overeating
  • How can you set yourself up to avoid or be better prepared for the trigger in the future?
  • Why you want to make peace with how you ate and stay alert to any diet mentality coming at you.


Featured on the show:


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