Episode #107 - Deconstructing Emotional Eating

emotional eating mindset Nov 11, 2022

On this podcast episode we deconstruct emotional eating.

I want you to hear me when I say that emotional eating is not bad and it’s not to be judged. It’s something we do because we (society, people of the world as we know it here in the UK and in other countries) find emotional eating to be a relatively effortless way to help ourselves feel momentarily better in our lives. And our brain is always driving us to feel better.

The problem arises when our emotional eating is out of balance and causing us to feel worse. And often we’re blissfully ignorant of the suffering cause ourselves through our emotional eating. So, listen in to this podcast episode to discover how you’re likely eating emotionally in ways that you never even noticed, and learn how by gaining insight you empower yourself to make easy changes to get some balance in your eating patterns.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • What emotional eating is
  • Why emotional eating is normal
  • The different ways that emotional eating shows up in your life
  • Ways that we emotionally eat that you may not have considered as being emotional eating
  • How we use food to create, suppress, extend and elevate our emotions

Featured on the show:


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