Private Coaching

When you’ve spent years struggling with your weight, private coaching with the tools I teach is by far the quickest and most effective way to create the relationship you want with food, eating and yourself.

Weight Loss is hard.

Losing weight and never regaining it is even harder.

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

The difference when you work with me, is that I give you tools and strategies for handling the ‘hard’, and I support you every step of your journey.

And whether you think you don’t have the will power, or time, or you think you’re a 'sugar addict', or you think you ‘just love food too much’, it’s okay. I’ve totally got you.

This is my superpower!

I can help you...

... lose weight permanently

... end emotional eating

... be free from all the food chatter

...resolve whatever your nemesis is

so that you create the relationship you want with food, eating and yourself.

You get to feel in control, like how you eat, and trust yourself to have your own back.

When you’ve spent years struggling with your weight, private coaching with the tools I teach is by far the quickest and most effective way to get the results you want.

If you're interested in working with me as a private client, please complete my Coaching Application form and schedule a time to chat

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This is what my private coaching clients are saying ...

"With great empathy, Clair’s coaching offers a collaborative partnership, combining wisdom with accountability. I trust Clair; she’s been there, designed a process and worked through it herself to a sustainable way of healthy eating. "


"Coaching with Clair has reassured me that I know lots of the principles of having a healthy diet (like most lifetime dieters), but I've also learned new things , such as discovering that I don't need to snack. Coaching is like having someone along for the ride to show you the way. Clair's program is sustainable and deals with underlying issues - yes we all know we put too much food in our mouths - but this deals with the why! Think of working with Clair as a gift to yourself."


"Clair is the most amazing coach. I was able to easily build a rapport with her which made it easy for me to be open and honest. Clair was great at reassuring me that what I was feeling was normal and gave me timely tips on how to overcome the obstacles I faced. What is great about Clair is that she believes in teaches the people she coaches the techniques she uses which means that you are all tooled up to self-coach in future. With Clair's help I have completely changed my mindset and feel very proud of what I have achieved. I cannot recommend Clair highly enough.”"

A. G.

"Clair really took on a difficult case when she agreed to work with me. I was so resistant and stubborn to everything. I'd had so many years of negativity surrounding food and getting healthy. But she is so wise and calm, and she really listened to what I needed and how I felt about everything. For every objection I raised Clair had a simple solution. I was able to take on her suggestions and slowly I realised that by making tiny changes a great deal could be achieved. Clair works in a very eclectic way. She works with the whole person: mind, body and soul, and draws on a whole range of tools, lots of which I'm still using and finding helpful."

A. P.

"“I contacted Clair because I felt stuck in a rut and in need of some direction or advice on how to move forward. I felt that I had lost my confidence and my chronic health issues were getting me down. I found Clair’s direction, inspiration and advice around how to look at my issues and address them to be very empowering. Working with Clair has helped me to achieve some weight loss goals and improve how I cope with chronic arthritis. Working with Clair is helpful and insightful. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”"

V. H.

"Clair is an inspiring coach, with lots of patience and great advice on different improvements and changes you want to change. She's a good listener and follows sessions up with lots of useful information. Thanks for all your support Clair!"

H. R.

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