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"I managed to get back in my wedding dress (after 26yrs) with the zip done up!!

My story!

Ok here goes….
Me: 5ft 4in (just!)
Age: 57y (just!)

Highest weight: 13st 13.8lbs (under 14stone…just!) Xmas 2021
Initial Goal weight 10st 7lb

I have had a weight problem all my life, I’ve tried all the usual slimming groups and the Fast800 diet and lost and gained the same weight including a bit more each time.
I found Clair’s LWLW academy at the end of July. By then I had managed to get to 12 stone. Joined up and haven’t looked back. With her help and coaching I have managed to lose virtually every week, even though birthdays, holidays, and Christmas etc.

I reached my revised goal weight of 10 stone 3 days before Christmas but have carried on to my 3rd goal weight of 9st 7lbs by Easter.

I have lost now 4 and a half stone and lost 10 inches off both my waist and hips! Going from a size 16 to a size 10/12 and I feel great.

Reasons for my weight loss…. My dad is diabetic, and I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. I am an older mum, so I want to try and be around for as long as possible. I felt heavy and fat, even getting out of the bath was an effort! Plus, I love clothes and couldn’t wear what I wanted to.

I purchased some Renpho scales and was shocked to see my stats, I was mainly interested in the visceral fat reading, scared of the hidden fat doing all the damage around my internal organs.
What worked for me…..

  • Time restricted eating (no breakfast)
  • Lower carbs and refined sugar (ex-chocoholic here!)
  • Upping the water intake
  • Upping the exercise (which gets so much easier & more enjoyable the lighter you are!)
  • Listening to the replays of the coaching calls/modules (often whilst out walking….do like a bit of multi-tasking!)
  • Having a lovely ‘buddy’ going through the same process
  • Taking photos at the start and regularly throughout the journey to see the progress
  • Only weighing once, a week (& found out, that for me, it was much better to do that on a Friday rather than a Monday)
  • Having an urge and pebble jar
  • Treating myself with non-food rewards


  • I feel fab. I may look a bit like a deflated balloon, but I can live with that! And can hide it ha-ha.
  • I enjoy clothes shopping and love all the choice
  • I no longer have heartburn, Plantar Fasciitis or chub rub!
  • I no longer crave the sweet stodgy stuff
  • I am now living a fuller life, no longer hiding in baggy stuff, carrying the bags or waiting with the dog
  • I have been indoor sky diving, paddle boarding….yes in a wet suit! And been pony trekking in Iceland

Oh, and I managed to get back in my wedding dress (after 26y) with the zip done up!

My advice……Remember it’s your choice… gets easier and is soooo worth it!

Now just got to work out my journey from here….. 😊

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